PAT Testing Frequencies

The question we get asked the most is, how often should we have our appliances PAT Tested?

Unlike Fixed Wiring Testing, there is no legislation in place to say how often you should get your appliances tested. There are guidelines in the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing and on the HSE’s website but unfortunately these differ slightly.

First port of call, would be your insurance provider. Most insurers stipulate PAT Testing as absolutely necessary in order for them to insure you and some will have advisory re-test frequencies. Failure to comply, could invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim.

Ideally a risk assessment should be carried out by the responsible person within the organisation, taking into account types of equipment, class of equipment, environment etc and a testing schedule drawn up.

E.g. Offices that have cable managed trap door style sockets in the floor are more susceptible to the covers cutting into the cable than sockets in a wall. Appliances that rely on a protective earth conductor as their primary safety feature should be checked more regularly than appliances that don’t. An extension reel used on a construction site is more prone to damage than one being used in an office. All of these factors should be taken into account when devising a testing schedule.

We would be happy to take the headache out of this process for you and provide you with a complete PAT management system. By only testing items using guideline frequencies laid out in the Code of Practice and the Health & Safety Executive, we could save you £££’s on your PAT Testing bill.