Cardiff PAT Testing Prices

Our prices start from just 55p* per test.

For small numbers of appliances, we offer a fixed rate of just £45.00* for 25 appliances or less.

If you’re a landlord enquiring about the testing of appliances in rented accommodation, please see our landlords page.

Pricing is customer specific depending on the environment and types of appliances likely to be encountered during the testing, which in turn dictates the amount of time, the testing is likely to take.

For example, testing 100 appliances in a typical office will take a lot less time than testing the same amount of appliances on a construction site or at a manufacturing plant. Appliances on a construction site or manufacturing plant are likely to be of a further distance apart and this greatly affects the time it takes to test each appliance.

The length of cable on an appliance also affects the time it takes to test. Testing a 50 metre extension cable will take far longer to test than say a printer with a 1 metre cable, as all of the extension cable will need to be unwound and visually inspected for damage and wound back up again.

All Inclusive Pricing

Our pricing is all inclusive which means you won’t pay any extra than the price per appliance agreed on prior to testing.

Our prices include all of the following:

  • Minor Repairs
  • Plug and Fuse Changes
  • Microwave Emissions Tests
  • Fully Itemised Test Report
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Re-test Reminder



*All prices advertised exclude VAT.

We won't be beaten on price.